Friday, June 23, 2006


Ok, here's the scoop. I.Move.Tomorrow. TOMORROW. I'm so not ready yet and have absolutely no excuse for this state of affairs. I did get about 28 hrs notice for a job interview on Wednesday, so spent yesterday up in Boston... but still, I could be further along right now.

I barely slept last night - I tossed and turned thinking about my interview and second-guessing my answers and my overall assessment that it went well. I went over and over the things I should have added or made more clear... seriously, why do I do this? Of course, I also tossed and turned thinking about getting the last of the apartment packed up today. In the there's-nothing-I-can-do-about-it-now department, I need to stop procrastinating and get organizing.

So, while I have a pair of finished socks and a recently revived egyptian cotton baby blanket to blog about, I will have no photos until... ? next week ? ... perhaps longer actually... since we won't have internet installed at the new place until *next* Friday...

p.s. Do you ever just blank out and forget things that you know you know? Well, could someone tell me something that I should remember... do you still have to park your C: drive before moving a desktop?

p.p.s. I would do very poorly on a cognitive assessment right about now.

p.p.p.s. Jessica, we found 2 college students to help us move our boxes into the truck here in New Haven and they're charging $12/hr... if they're good, I'll pass on their info in case you want to save your parent's the hard labour. :-)

p.p.p.p.s. I think I'm totally blocking out the fact that my dad went in for a bone scan yesterday to see if he has cancer, after having radiation on some small liver tumours they found last year.


Blogger Lauren said...

Happy thoughts for your dad. And the blanking on things you know happens to me all the time and is at its worst once a month. And Tuesday nights.

11:36 a.m., June 23, 2006  
Blogger Stash Monkey said...

I find that even when it seems like there's no humanly way you could possibly be ready for something huge like a move, somehow it always ends up working out in the end. I'm passing on my good thoughts that you find this to be true as well. Best of luck to your dad!

3:34 p.m., June 23, 2006  
Blogger barbp said...

I've moved a few times (read about 15) matter how bad you think it is, everyone is the same and it will work out. Keep at least one project close during the move for comfort. Saying a prayer for your Dad. Looking forward to your return.

8:48 p.m., June 23, 2006  
Blogger jennsquared said...

good luck with your move! Soon you will be changing "New Haven, CT" to "Boston, MA" :*( I'll miss you very much, sitting in our next desinated place with Lauren and Karen.

If you come next Wednesday, I can tell you a little bit about what I did with knit tracker.

Best of luck to your dad!

10:47 p.m., June 23, 2006  
Blogger Sneaksleep said...

Breathe deeply; you will get through this. The move and the job stuff will all work out fine. And from what I saw yesterday, you really weren't that far from being done with the packing. Sending lots of good vibes for your dad.

p.s. Turns out I will be in town for SnB next Wednesday. See you then?

10:09 a.m., June 24, 2006  

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