Friday, June 09, 2006

What Do 'Ya Know?

Turns out that I *was* making my sock correctly. Yes, boys and girls, this chica knows how to follow directions. Not much in the creativity department, but following a pattern, well, apparently, I can do at least that much.

{Total Aside: Actually, I'm secretly happy that I was, in fact, able to turn a heel on the first try. I compare this to the time I had to take my state Engineer-in-Training exam - it is an 8 hr exam on engineering principles (calculus, algebra, computer programming, chemistry, physics, material science) that you take after you graduate university - people I worked with at the time told me not to expect to pass it the first time - a coworker was writing it for the 4th or 5th time when I was writing for the 1st time. I guess I was preparing myself not to pass, but when I did pass on the first try I had that secret gladness that I had actually learned something in the undergraduate hell that was the engineering programme. Basically, everyone would understand if I didn't pass, but passing was good... everyone would understand if I wasn't able to turn the heel, but doing it right the first time was good.}

Ok, so after some free, yes, free wine at Chow last night, courtesy of this favourite place... it was off to Stitch n' Bitch. It was a quiet evening despite my prediction that the incredibly crappy June weather would draw people out to knit. Anyway, I was lucky enough to see the world's biggest high quality stash at Lauren's place. Oh. My. God. If you, dear reader, have created a heaven in which wool, silk, and cashmere fibre would be delivered unto thee for all of eternity, well then, hang a left at Lauren's hall closet and go directly to heaven. Seriously, I had more than a little bit of yarn envy going. AND, I have a new benchmark for what I consider a large stash. :-)

So anyway, back to the sock... part of my confusion stemmed from Vogue's pattern vs. picture... the socks shown were not, NOT constructed in the same way that the pattern was written. I feel marginally redeemed for thinking I had gone wrong.


Blogger Karen said...

Yeah!!! Your sock looks great. Oooh, I love that pretty yarn, and I'm so impressed you got your first heel in one try. That's unheard of!! Good for you!!

5:32 p.m., June 09, 2006  
Anonymous Dipsy said...

Ah, your sock is coming along so fine, I knew that you'll make it perfectly and it seems I was right *doing the happy dance*! I remember my first heel very well, I guess it took me two days to finally get the hang of it - so you certainly did very well on that!

3:34 a.m., June 10, 2006  
Blogger barbp said...

I'll definitely post pictures of the purse when it's done. Heh, how are the job interviews going? Keeping my fingers crossed still that you get the job of your dreams.

9:59 a.m., June 15, 2006  

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