Saturday, August 05, 2006

Baby Blanket progress

...unfortunately, this is a really poor photo - I'll have to turn the flash off and try again, but I think you can get the detail if you enlarge the photo. This blanket in Mandarin Petit is on 3 mm needles, so this has taken me a good while to get this far. Good news is that I'm almost done (it's a blanket meant for a car seat).

I've snapped some more pics of our new place...

So, here's the outside of the house from the sidewalk, in front of our carport.... we have the first floor of this two-family...

So next is our sun porch - kinda hot to be using right now, but I think it'll be great in more moderate summer weather and in the fall and the spring.

And, finally (for now), here is our back porch minus flower boxes but including our new little potted hydrangea bush.


Blogger Karen said...

I can see the detail on the baby blanket - it's beautiful!!! Your new place is so cute. That back porch looks like the perfect knitting spot!!

11:54 a.m., August 05, 2006  
Blogger Zarzuela said...

Wow! The blanket is definitely coming along. The new place looks really cute too! :)


1:33 p.m., August 05, 2006  
Blogger Sneaksleep said...

I am so amazed you survived that blanket! Great job! I like your new place--hopefully I'll be posting pictures of our new place soon too (wherever it is!)

7:27 p.m., August 05, 2006  
Blogger jennsquared said...

Yay! the blanket is coming along quite well! I love it!

Love the sun porch, although I do agree it is a little hot to use it right now!

9:37 p.m., August 05, 2006  
Blogger barbp said...

I'm joining the parade to say that blanket is sooooo nice. I'll be aspiring to try something like that maybe over the winter. You are an inspiration. Your new digs look perfect for relaxation. A terrific sunroom for the Spring and Fall and a great covered deck for summer. Do you have shade in the morning or the evening?

9:15 a.m., August 06, 2006  
Anonymous Dipsy D. said...

Gosh, what a truly beautiful house, I'm totally in love with it after seeing these pics! Your sun porch looks so cozy, the perfect spot for knitting when it's cooled down a bit!
And your blanket is coming along so nicely, considering the fact that you used such thin needles I can well imagine that it's been taking you quite a while to get to that size you've reached now. It's gorgeous, and I love the pattern!

11:40 a.m., August 07, 2006  

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