Monday, October 04, 2004

Our weekend was somewhat quiet - we had Chris and Ashley over to our place on Friday night... found out that Ashley was fired from her job in August so that probably explains why they haven't come out / why we haven't seen her in a while. She didn't seem too embarassed by it or anything (I think I'd be mortified in a similar situation). She's just happily collecting unemployment, going to aerobics classes and taking a class toward a vocal performance degree at the Tulsa Community College.

I'm so glad that Paul (who we see much more often) is dating Katie (the teacher)... she's just a lot more like someone I might make friends with on my own. So now, that's 2 of 4 guys (including Brendan) in the PhD program who have dependent wives/fiancees that don't work. I thought 1 of 4 was a high percentage!


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