Thursday, May 27, 2004

Country yoga

Finally had my first class last night - yoga... well, power yoga, except I'm not sure what makes it "power" yoga - no high heat or anything. Anyway, it was really, really good. I was reasonably flexible but definitely, definitely had some issues where my lower back was concerned. My legs have tightened up somewhat, I noticed, so this will be really good for me. I actually feel something in my muscles today - not soreness but just can tell that they've been worked. After the class, I felt "loose".

I've got to go on a cleaning/laundry spree tonight before we go.... so far the using-up-all-the-food-before-going-on-a-trip exercise is going well... my goodness, I haven't been on a trip since my trip here! (My god, that feels like ages ago)


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