Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Jobs, yoga and boxing

B applied for this job that is 12pm-8pm M-F, so he would have to cut down on his voluntary (practicum) time doing therapy at the VA Hospital and doing neuropsych evals. And he'd have to work on his dissertation mornings. Not sure about his M/W night class he's auditing right now till the end of July. But you get the point, his schedule would be very full. In any case, yes, not an easy decision. The added security would be reassuring (especially with three close friends of ours getting married 2-3 months after us... on the east coast).

Not sure how "power" the power yoga class I signed up for will be since the studio seems to be well air conditioned. Never done yoga before because I've always thought it'd be good for me but would bore me (and then, because I hadn't ever done it, too shy to go to the first class). I think power yoga will be good... and in standing around waiting for the instructor, met two women there who also hadn't done yoga before. The boxing class is being taught by an actual boxer (!) Eecks.


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