Friday, March 19, 2004

Bad news

I'm having a "day". The toilet backed up yesterday and the landlord called roto rooter to come in this morning at 8:30 to clear out the sewer line to the street (apparently the big magnolia tree out front causes problems with its roots)... anyway the repair ended up taking 3 hours because they had to do both lines and basically found other problems. (My car got sprayed with some poopy water as the guy rolled up the auger - ugh!) Our landlord is about 28 years old, married 5 years, his wife is pregnant with their first kid and he's a banker... it's all very odd. Depressing.

Anyway... my mom emailed this morning to say that my dad was back in the hospital and is in line to see a couple of different specialists because they're having problems with the incision still. My aunt (technically my mom's aunt, but she's only 10 years older and has always been close to us - she taught me how to knit and crochet when I was a kid) found out that she has bladder cancer - and she just spent the last 2 years recovering from breast cancer. And my mom's uncle (different side of the family) died in his sleep last night. Oy. I can't get over this - I have to believe that they'll figure out what's going on with my dad and he'll recover soon and that (hopefully) my aunt's cancer is confined just to the bladder, so they can treat it.


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