Friday, February 27, 2004

Tulsa is okay

Tulsa is okay. I'm seriously sheltered right now. I work during the day, full time, from home while emailing and calling people in the Boston office. When B gets home, we do stuff together and when we hang out, we go to the respectable irish pub in town (one of those that have imported the woodwork from ireland)... so, it's Boston-lite. I've met his friends here before and I like them all a lot. You'd like them, they enjoy the simpson's, the onion, conan, the daily show... so, I'm cool with the crowd.

I haven't caved and signed up for Tivo yet, but I have had bouts of Tivo envy. I have no self-control whatsoever and would *really* not leave the house if I had more TV access. And the high speed internet is a godsend.

I just opened mail from Elections Canada - they tracked me down here and I returned my status update to them. I don't think I can vote, actually, since I've been out of country for so long - I thought they had a 5 yr time limit. We'll see.


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