Monday, February 16, 2004

Birthday Weekend

Nice to have a weekend birthday and get to relax on the actual day... bought a nice 9' by 12' area rug for the living room yesterday afternoon. I loooove the dark-stained hardwood floors but at the same time, I'm worried that our stuff will scratch up the floor. No sooner did we get the rug home and all set up, did Brendan cook a very nice dinner with an excellent birthday cake afterward. We invited company over at the last minute - Brendan's friends Chris and Ashley came over along with Jen (from Dallas, dating B's friend from MA, Jim) and Paul (Brendan's old roommate). Ashley has the same birthday as me *and* we found out last night that she and Chris got engaged... so we had them over for my cake and 20 (+1) yo Port :-) (except the preggers one, of course). Twas good. Very good.

It is 25 deg here this morning, getting up to 50 deg today. Apparently, Feb is a tease and it gets cold and somewhat snowy again in March? Who knows. (2/16/04)


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