Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Yay! DSL is here

I just set up my dsl (wasn't supposed to be active till tomorrow)... weird, this box comes in the mail and it contains a variety of implements to get set up and it is do-it-yourself (vs. the RCN cable modem hookup that is done for you). The company here is SBC with some sort of partnership with Yahoo, so everything is very slick and ties into your yahooID account but gives you a 25 MB yahoo! account instead of only 6MB. I will have to call our corporate IT help desk (in Newfoundland, as a matter of fact) to get this VPN connection working right.

Good karma on the place... like it a lot and spent this afternoon getting more unpacked since I found I wasn't able to work without getting some stuff unearthed. I went to Target and stocked up on cleaning and household supplies, then on to get groceries and fill the cupboards. We're doing pretty well but I will definitely need to shop for some new bookshelves, file cabinets and work table (or all of the above). I don't want to go nuts, but I need to organize the stuff I have here.

My car had been parked in the garage since last Wednesday and when I went to start it this afternoon, I realized the battery was completely kaput. I had to call AAA to come boost me since B was at the VA today doing therapy.... to my amazement and delight - when you call AAA here and they say it will be 30 minutes, it actually *is* 30 minutes. The guy showed up and boosted me - cool! Weird. It was 60 deg today and sunny, so I was in a bit of a culture shock wandering around town on my own to run my errands. ALSO, culture shocked because it seems like my neighbours stay at home during the day. A half hour after the garbage truck came by, the empty bins at the end of everyone's driveways were gone... ??!! Holy Twilight Zone.

Talked to my mum tonight and my dad's surgery date is set for Feb 18th. Good that it's reset soon. (2/10/04)


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