Friday, February 06, 2004

Wedding Planning

The wedding planning is going... slowly... but I do have a dress ordered and we have b'maids dresses ordered... I need to get cracking on a few other "details" (uh, I'm far behind on booking a DJ and photographer, but now that I'm in Toronto, I'm trying to take care of that)... yikes - there has been so much going on that has been more immediate that it has kind of fallen by the wayside, but I do need to get moving now. Thanks for asking!

Aside from that, I'm just trying to stay warm here in Toronto. Man! I forgot how much worse the winter is here.... there is a full on ft high layer of snow here from last week, with no signs of melting, and in fact, we got more snow (and some freezing rain) overnight. Brrr. (2/6/04)

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