Friday, February 13, 2004


So I am looking forward to this weekend to get my clothes unpacked - I've been scrounging out of my suitcase and odds and ends this past week. Aside from the kitchen (big job that B did 95% of while I was away) and the DSL/computer set-up, everything else is still in purgatory. I need to buy a couple of 2 dwr file cabinets for work stuff as well as bookcases to put everything away. I refuse to set up my $29 utility bookcase that I stained for use in college.... we're going to go shopping for shelves tomorrow for the office... :-) With any luck, we will be uber-organized by Monday. By the way, you guys were very close - my birthday is this Sunday, the day after vday - which of course causes Brendan much stress apparently. He is cooking me dinner on Saturday night and my only request has been to rent a movie and put our feet up. Nothing too out-of-this-world, but all I want is to feel like we're settled in. (2/13/04)


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