Thursday, February 12, 2004

Exploring the territory

As for the weekend, I need to buy book shelves on the weekend... and file cabinets... to get the office set up completely. We went to walmart last night for the file cabinets and it was a nightmare! The sllllloooowest service ever with stupid people at the cash (there's got to be a lightbulb joke about 'how many walmart employees does it take...')

So, we went to the mall last night as well (The Limited, J Crew, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, The Gap, Express) - first time I had seen some of those stores down here, so I now feel like I have a "burlington" to go to (not that I spend that much time at the malls but somehow comforting). We have to find some furniture stores though - likely on Saturday - to figure out how to get shelving for in here. They have some funky stores in a she-she area near where we live - incidentally, B drove me through the rest of our zip code and these places are HUGE! Too funny (that we live so close to that for so little)...

B is cooking me dinner on Saturday night... other than that, we'll probably rent a movie and put our feet up (my greatest desire). I was very bummed to find out that MY martini bar here that I raved about with the $3 skyy martinis, Gargoyle-esque menu, and British owners just closed last week. How, oh how, could they do this to me? That was my saving locale for a nice night out.... they flew in fresh seafood daily from the Gulf... la la... apparently there are a few new spots to check out... we'll see. :-( (2/12/04)


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