Friday, September 24, 2004

We should have one of those types of parties...

Tonight we're going to a house party for some friends that just bought a house... Matt and his wife Annie. Brendan helped them move in last month that weekend I was in Boston. He described as "one of those disaster moves" that took 8+hours... Anyway, they're having a "stock our bar" housewarming party tonight. Brendan needs to work the rest of the weekend since he's trying to propose his dissertation (i.e., finish writing his proposal and propose it to his committee) before Nov 1st and apply for internship, etc. etc. I'm not planning anything really - there's lot of stuff on my to do list to take care of, so errands, cleaning, finishing the last of the wedding thank yous (which I put down for a couple of weeks to finish the sweater).


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