Thursday, September 30, 2004


I had noticed a new (independent!) coffee shop opening at this Brookside area a while ago and we tried it last night. It's so cool - it's like a clean but just as campy verson of Someday cafe - painted wood paneling on the walls and local artists work hanging (and for sale)... cups and saucers are all made by a potter down the street... place is called Shades of Brown (which Brendan has taken to calling Shades of Crap - he really hates coffee).. anyway, they have a room at the back with a huge table so the four of us went there and worked away. No starbucks evilness of Borders weirdness... it was really cool. I think they actually have music performances on Fri, Sat nights - oh! and they have WiFi! (Borders has it but it is $30 / month... this seems to be free ?! Hopefully, that's our new place.


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