Thursday, November 11, 2004


Things are going ok here - I'm stressed about apps - the waiting - oh, the waiting. Brendan is mailing two more off today for 15 total. 2 apps left to go. I just got a call from Paul who said that he just heard from one of his sites telling him that he didn't get an interview with them. (Ouch!) And he was wondering if Brendan had heard anything yet (he hasn't). Painful, the waiting. In fact, another problem was that B sent 2 apps to MA regular mail on Nov 2nd for a Nov 15th due date with tracking on them. They were supposed to take 3-4 d for delivery but have not shown up yet, according to the tracking website. (!) It is worrisome since one of those sites was his first pick (in Bedford)... ergh. Seems silly - we could have sent it priority but just thought that with so much lead time, it'd be fine. So, by Nov 29, Dec 5, and Dec 15th, places will gradually either drop off the "potential" list to the "definitely not" list. I really should relax, I know, but I don't do well in situations like this, so I'm bound to be high strung for a few weeks! The dining room table is clearing of application materials and things will return to normal by the end fo the weekend, I'm sure.

Since the election, I've been a bit of a hermit, aside from our favourite coffee shop - where we agree, when we're there, we can't even tell we're in Tulsa. :-) It's a good place to do work, so I've continued as editor for Brendan's cover letters and applications. In between reading the fifth Harry Potter book over the weekend.


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