Friday, December 15, 2006

Nomadic Wanderings

This post is coming to you from "Shades of Brown" in Tulsa. We arrived yesterday afternoon for our little long weekend graduation trip. I'm looking forward to a small-ish yarn crawl to String, er, Fringe and to Loops (evil, but cool concept store competition) with my M-I-L tomorrow. The in-laws flight was delayed 8 HOURS today, so we'll have to amend our plans slightly. Behind on my Christmas knitting...

Sunday, December 03, 2006


Hmm, it seems that felting and blogging about felting concurrently is not a good idea for myself (even though my computer was 2 feet away from the washing machine in the kitchen)... only by dumb luck did I end up with a perfect size 7 women's slipper for my 13 yo niece. The first cycle ran through and then suddenly I heard spinning, stopped the machine, checked the slippers (which were still a size 10) and reset the washer. Next thing I knew, I noticed that the washer wasn't running at all - the water had already drained out, so apparently, I can be totally oblivious to my surroundings. When I checked the slippers after the second cycle, they were a perfect size 7. Yay!

I was a lot more careful about timing and setting a timer the first and second time around for this pattern but I caught on to the fact that checking the slippers after 10 minutes was much too soon to expect them to be done. I also figured that since I'm right here, again, TWO feet from the washing machine that I might, oh, say, notice the ambient noise.


I'm back, picture-less for now (bo-ring, sorry)... Thanks for all the tips on the bargain shopping, I've passed along those "hints" to B and now I can't wait for Christmas morning. :-)

The felted slipper count:

  • 2 pairs knitted & felted (DONE) - 1 in Cascade 220, 1 in LiteLopi (big mistake using that Lopi for felting, incidentally)
  • 2 pairs knitted only - 1 in Cascade 220, 1 in LiteLopi
  • 1 pair knitted but seams not sewn - Cascade 220
  • 1 pair knitted and IN THE WASHING machine (hmm, hope Cascade 220 is colourfast*)
  • 3 pairs to go (wind the yarn, knit, sew, and felt)
  • Am I insane to be thinking about this? ("this" was going to be a link to Fabric Place's 25% off everything sale Dec 1-6, i.e., right now) Why is blogger not uploading pictures for me right now?

Anyway, while I like the Cascade 220, one of the reasons I considered the LiteLopi was because I'd save time not having to wind the yarn into balls from hanks. Does this make me lazy? I suppose this will become a moot point should my Christmas wish come true.

Oh, so now the ingenious part of this post... I was lamenting that my gift-knitting of felted slippers was difficult because even if I surreptitiously discovered my relatives & friends shoe sizes I would not know the exact size or when to stop the felting process. A lady at work suggested buying ODOR EATERS and using that as a guide since they have tracings of women's 5 through 10. Isn't that the best idea? You clever readers probably already figured that out or knew about it but I hadn't yet and it just struck me as a brilliant solution.

* Why YES, I *should* know better and have tested my light pink and dark purple colour combination before going to town on my niece's slippers, but well... what can I say?