Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Cataloging my dark, dark past

Well, I've been trying to pull out ancient knitting projects (and really ancient crochet projects) to photograph them and post them. I learned to knit first when I was 6 or 7, but then started crocheting through age 13 or something... made lots of doilies.... My first knit sweater was completed when I was 14, so that would have been 1987 or so - needless to say, the patterns were not always the greatest in a historical aesthetic sense.

So, here is my first sweater - a simple Aran pattern from a Patons pattern book and Lewiscraft yarn. I believe it was mostly acrylic with a minor wool component - hey, I had a part time job as a busser (busgirl?) at the local Pizza Hut and the $3.75 /hr I was making wasn't that much spending money. :-) Here it is...

Next, I attempted colours in this wildly unsuccessful fugly sweater... well, in my defense, it *was* the 80s and I was only 14 or something, so clearly, my good taste had not developed yet. ;-) Anyway, this is Paton's Aztec-style (oh god, it's really called this) "Footloose and fancy free" pattern, knit in Beehive Shetland Chunky:

Oooh, and check out the photo in the pattern book - what the hell was I thinking?

A cotton sweater, this is the photo from the pattern... again, Patons... this one called "White and Bright" and knit in Patons Cotton DK.

Argh - next, well, a boyfriend sweater in Lopi in blue... and then I made one in green for myself (and it matched my eyes), but well, I ended up with the blue one and he ended up with the green one. This turned out to be a horrible picture - you can't really see the cable detail...

There was a lovely silk/wool blend scarf in brown (to match a new leather jacket) and I lined the other side with a beige silk fabric. No photos... gone.

Second and last boyfriend sweater - a beautiful aran in a pattern I loved... unfortunately, gone forever or I'd still be wearing it....


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