Saturday, August 20, 2005

Sesquicentennial Sweater

Yes, it's back - well, it never really left. This fair isle sweater has been on the needles since 1998 or so. I bought the kit to make this special sweater (designed by Dr. Mabel Corlett of Kingston's "The Wool Room") that commemorated Queen's University's 150th anniversary. Dr. Corlett designed and presented one such sweater to His Royal Highness Prince Charles in 1991. (Incidentally, I took photos for the Tricolour yearbook of the royal visit, which included Diana.) Surreal to think back on that now.

Anyway, I took out the sweater today and started ripping back some. See, I decided I'd steek and cut just as the pattern was written, but later wimped out and decided that I had screwed up one side's steeks and... well, decided I'd take it back and split it in two to knit it up. :-(

So, this photo is the one that came with the pattern - this is what it is supposed to look like when it's done.


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